December 7, 2010. The Cardinals had just acquired shortstop Ryan Theriot for right handed pitcher Blake Hawksworth from the Dodgers. Calling him a “natural shortstop” the organization quickly distanced themselves from Brendan Ryan as their starting shortstop in an effort to become a better team. After having considered starting to blog for awhile, it was the push I needed.

Over the next few days I registered a blog on Blogspot, used my graphic design skills to whip up what would be Redbird Dugout’s first logo, and wrote a critique of the concept of how someone could possibly be a “natural shortstop” when every metric says they’re a terrible shortstop and that if the Cardinals really wanted to improve up the middle, they’d start Theriot at second over Schumaker and keep the defensively elite Ryan at shortstop. …


Jon Doble

Retired-ish blogger. I’ve written about the Cardinals and baseball since 2010. World record holder for most hitless at-bats in an inning.

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