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Mike Shildt as the Cardinals’ third base coach from 2017 (Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons)

Because nobody likes the day off after Opening Day

Could the Indians shortstop find his way to St. Louis?

Indians’ shortstop Francisco Lindor (Photo: Eric Drost)

Evan Longoria takes an at bat for the Rays on June 30, 2017. (Credit: Keith Allison)

Because when you look at what we know, it doesn’t seem like it.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred

When it comes to money, it’s never as easy at seems.

Cardinals’ principal owner Bill DeWitt Jr.

As he nears salary arbitration, the stage is set for intrigue

Cardinals pitcher Jack Flaherty (Redbird Dugout illustration)

It’s the Cardinal Way

Cardinals’ infielder Tommy Edman (Redbird Dugout illustration)

Not yet, but he’s not as far off as you think

Cardinals’ shortstop Paul DeJong (Redbird Dugout illustration)

Jon Doble

Retired-ish blogger. I’ve written about the Cardinals and baseball since 2010. World record holder for most hitless at-bats in an inning.

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